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Vol 7 (2021): January-December
Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento, also known as RPD, presents Clovis Ultramari and Manoela Massuchetto Jazar as guest editors of the Dossier Construction of Cities: Literature as an investigative source and as an instigator of debate. The call began on March 22, 2021 and closed with the publication of 6 articles on 09/29/2021. The Dossier does not propose to use literature as a source capable of replacing  traditional methodological practices and indicators in the field of urban studies; the literature here is seen as a complementary source, but also unique in that it provides a particular perspective on urban cultural history. Contemporary literature, eminently urban, joins other cultural discourses and allows for multiple and diversified readings about the city. This dossier is interested in an understanding of the city that goes beyond mere scenery, but becomes a protagonist in the narrative. From a confrontation of literary texts and their relationship with reality, we seek to think about the historical mirroring in the direct relations between the political-social situation and literature. This dossier for RPD prioritized possible literary descriptions to understand housing, infrastructure, services, policies and planning practices in mainly Brazilian and Latin American cities.
Published: 2021-01-31

Evaluation, Public Management & Development

Markets and Production Management

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Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento (also called Research in Production and development or, simply, RPD) is an open-access, peer- reviewed international journal dedicated to publish original research papers, referring to management dimensions, privileging the interdisciplinary research of high impact and interest. RPD spreads researches that study business decision making and/or government policy for developing the cities. The journal is cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and eclectic, and contributions are welcome across a wide range of research methodologies (e.g., theoretical or empirical, using either quantitative or qualitative methods) and topics.

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