The Journal and its Mission

Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento (also known as Research in Production and Development or RPD) is edited since 2015 by Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca, without interruption. It has continuous flow periodicity, uses the peer review method for evaluation. From 2020 onwards, it assumes the American Psychological Association (APA) publication standards. The fulfillment of these requirements facilitates their indexation in the main international databases of specialty journals, which guarantees a greater diffusion of published works and, consequently, of their authors.

Its mission is to publish original multidisciplinary research that contributes to the development of cities and their productive systems. It deals with subjects related to educational, technological, productive, environmental and business projects. The published material interests to researchers, teachers, students and managers of companies and municipalities.

Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento is a multidisciplinary journal that intends to publish, with priority, articles in English and spanish, as a way to spread to a more diverse public. We also receive portuguese articles for evaluation. If a portuguese article submission be approved, the authors will do the translation. Articles in other languages ​​can be part of up to 40% of a Dossier publication, when programming this type.

Address: Estrada Adrianópolis, 1317 - Vila Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, 26041-271 - Telephone: (21) 2886-8916



Focus and Scope

Contribute to the dissemination of original and multidisciplinary research related to production systems, publishing articles involving different themes and reflect the great methodological diversity, disciplinary, interdisciplinary and geographic national and international research. As a second line of interest seeks to stimulate academic debate on development theme, highlighting the issue of public policy related to the various sectors of the economy, such as education, transport, leisure and sport and health. Also under another academic development approach is intended to understand the multifaceted process of relations between theory and practice in educational institutions, promoting the academic experiences and formational pathways that contribute to the materialization of the indivisibility of teaching, research and extension.

The RPD target audience is researchers and managers of the production area, as well as those who work in the development of extension workers activities and public policies the economy and the territory.

Costs related to journal hosting and maintenance of its repository are the responsibility of Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca.

The journal adopts the integrity parameters on Scientific Activity Guidelines presented by the National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq). These Guidelines are available at:

Publication Frequency

In 2019 the modality of continuous publication of articles is adopted. It means that each article, after review and acceptance by peers, will be published immediately in the volume / section. Due to this special structure, the publication process will end in the last week of November. The articles approved between the last week of November and the month of December will be included in the volume of the following year.

Each new volume in continuous publication of the journal should start between the last fifteen days of the previous year and the first fifteen days of the current year for the volume.

In 2019 this journal received 40 articles submissions and 25 of them were rejected (62%). In 2018 this journal received 68 articles and 22 of them were rejected (32%). In 2017, submissions totaled 52 submissions, 23 of which were rejected (44%).

Open Access Policy

Since jan/2019 this journal will publish sections with 5-20 articles by means of free and immediate access to its content, following the principle of global democratization of knowledge.

There is no fee for submission, evaluation, publication or access to articles published in this journal.