Evaluation Process

The journal does not charge for submission or publication of articles. All scientific articles received will be submitted to the Journal's peer review process.
Receiving a Submission does not imply acceptance.
Every document received must undergo a preliminary analysis, in which it is determined whether it meets the minimum requirements for publication requested by the journal, such as subject, length, originality and structure. This task will be carried out by the Journal's Editorial Team.
The document must be original and not be submitted for publication simultaneously in other journals, an aspect that will be checked using the Copy Spider Software.
The manuscript must be submitted through the web platform. Questions and queries can be sent by mail: rpd@cefet-rj.br
Without exception, all documents are evaluated by the Editorial Board, which can designate up to three specialized researchers for the proper evaluation process.
The evaluation is known as peer review or peer review, of the double-blind type, which means that the documents are sent without authorship to the evaluator, in order to seek objectivity in the analysis, also the authors do not know the names of their appraisers. The Journal offers reviewers the option of disclosing the Assessment carried out, but the reviewer may reject the hypothesis.
After reviewing and evaluating, the document is returned to the author to make the recommended changes in case of positive evaluation; in case of rejection, an opinion is sent with the justifications; in all cases, the final decision rests with the Editorial Committee.
Once the requested modifications have been made, the document is returned for verification review. The editorial team will confirm the use of references and the presence of citations, Orcid ID registration and CRediT attribution.