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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Each author submitted the maximum of two articles in the year to the RPD (non-simultaneous submissions), regardless of their position in the authorship (author or co-author). That is, if one author submits one article as the first author and another as the third author, he can not submit any other article that year.
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word format. The article is original and unpublished, nationally and internationally, and is not under consideration for publication in any other dissemination vehicle. Papers published in annals of congresses are considered, provided they are in their final form and expanded for publication.
  • The author will be accepting the license "Creative Commons Attribution", remaining holder of his moral rights (authorship and identification in the work), as established in the specific legislation.

  • The author who is submitting the article is totally entitled to give "Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento", free of charge, the rights of transformation, reproduction and public communication of the complete text in its repository and in others that the journal comes indexing.
  • The submission uses the template and follows the style standards and bibliographic requirements described in Guidelines for Authors, on the About the Journal page.
  • The publisher will be responsible for the version that will ensure blind peer evaluation.

    The text is in simple space; uses a 12-point roman times font with single-spaced spacing after each 6-point paragraph; uses italic instead of underlining (except URL addresses); the figures and tables are inserted in the text, not at the end of the document in the form of attachments.
  • You are aware that authors of articles approved for publication may be requested to translate the text into English language and this is the sole responsibility of the authors.
  • All authors contributed to:(i) designing and delineating the study, analysis and interpretation of the data; (ii) writing or critical review relevant to the intellectual content of the manuscript; (iii) final approval of the version to be published; and (iv) responsibility for all aspects of the work, including ensuring its accuracy and integrity.

Author Guidelines

RPD (Revista Produção e Desenvolvimento) performs the process of peer review, in which the work is first evaluated by the editors, taking into account the relevance of the theme and the adequacy to the standards. Original and unpublished articles have priority of publication. English expanded version of articles that have been published in conference proceedings are considered according to relevance and originality. Subsequently, the work is sent to reviewers, keeping secrecy of name author (s) as well as the institution confidential.

The article must be submitted by the electronic system of the journal in ".doc" format, with tables and figures included in the body of the text. The entire body of the text should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, justified and with single line spacing, and between paragraphs from zero to item before and 6 points to after. The page margins should be 2.5 cm (top and bottom) and 2.0 cm (left and right). All paragraphs should have a 1.25 cm tab in the first row and the tables and figures should be quoted in full in the text body (eg, Figure 1, Table 1). Throughout the text, the international system of units (IS) should be used to indicate measures. The article should have the following structure:

a) the introduction;

b) Materials and Methods;

c) Results and Discussion;

d) Conclusion or Final Considerations;

e) References.

Other sections and subsections are accepted, such as the Bibliographic Review, however, the above sections are mandatory. The availability of a template for submission aims to standardize the submission format text of the journal, reducing the publishing period, and making possible the scheduled periodicity. The list of references should be presented at the end of the text, in a specific section. Do not use footnotes.

Between 2015 and 2019 the references were in accordance with ABNT rules and appearing in alphabetical order. From 2020 onwards this journal adopts APA rules. Times New Roman 10 font size should be used, without tab and single space. Only references cited in the article should be mentioned.

The structured abstract (adopted in 2019) is a text written with the source times new roman, 10 points, simple spacing, justified. It should be cursive, concise and objective, respecting the structure of the original and reproducing only the most significant information. Including objective, method, result, conclusion. It is limited to a paragraph with up to 200 words, and references should be avoided in references to literatures and texts that are not absolutely necessary, as well as comments, criticism and personal judgment; words and / or superfluous expressions.

The submission template must be used in a mandatory manner. This journal register in the submission metadata the ORCID iD from authors.

There is no charge of any amount, either in the submission or publication of articles. Editorial team don´t receive any fee. In order to maintain this collaborative activity free of charge, we place the target 120 days from the time between the reception and the publication of the articles. For this we adopted the system of continuous flow of publishing with closing of the editions in the months of April, August and December.

Contribution to definition of authorship
The recognition of authorship is based on a substantial contribution, related to the following aspects: (i) designing and delineating the study, analysis and interpretation of the data; (ii) writing or critical review relevant to the intellectual content of the manuscript; (iii) final approval of the version to be published; and (iv) responsibility for all aspects of the work, including ensuring its accuracy and integrity. All those designated as authors must meet the four criteria for authorship, and all those who meet the four criteria should be identified as authors.
At the submission checklist, is required that everyone's participation in the preparation of the manuscript and publicly assume responsibility for its content. At the end of the text of the manuscript, a paragraph should be included with the information on the contribution of each author to its elaboration.

Projects and Practices in Education

Intended for articles that present and evaluate extension projects, as well as pedagogical practices and themes related to the teaching work environment.

Development and Public Policies

Articles that present studies that contribute to the development of public policies in the transportation, health, education, sports, among others.

Productive Systems

Disseminate and communicate in the scientific community and society studies on productive systems. It is a section that presents relevant contributions in the following areas: Operations management and production processes; Logistics and Supply Chain; Transport; Operational Research; Quality; Product Marketing and Engineering; Organizational Strategy and Engineering; Economic engineering; Labor engineering; Materials technology; Innovation; Environment and Social Responsibility.