Proposal for a maintenance management system based on the lean philosophy and industry 4.0




maintenance, management, lean philosophy, industry 4.0


Purpose: Develop a new model that combines the concepts of Maintenance, Lean Philosophy, and Industry 4.0 to improve maintenance management. Methodology/Approach: For the elaboration the following methodology was used: Bibliographic review of the existing models of joint application: Maintenance, Lean Philosophy, and Industry 4.0. Critical analysis of the existing models of joint application of the three concepts. Preparation of the model proposal and analysis of the results. Findings: The model developed is easy to apply, flexible and inexpensive, being a useful tool for both the maintenance and production areas, in any size and industrial area. Research Limitation/implication: One of the limitations is the distance between the devices that make up the system, as it can influence their performance. The implementation of Total Productive Maintenance can present some challenges within companies. Originality/Value of paper: The study presents a new model to improve maintenance management, being unique since the existing models are mostly focused on predictive maintenance. The system also allows the introduction of the monitoring of other important parameters such as vibrations, temperature among others.


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Author Biographies

David Samuel Fernandes Tavares Mendes, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

David Mendes is a guest assistant at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ESTSetúbal, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal. He has a master’s degree in Production Engineering and a degree in Mechanical Engineering - Production Branch from ESTSetúbal. Currently is a student of the Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Beira Interior (UBI).

Helena Victorovna Guitiss Navas, NOVA University Lisbon

Helena Navas has received a PhD from the NOVA School of Science and Technology – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – Portugal. She is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the NOVA School of Science and Technology - Portugal and researcher at UNIDEMI. Her research interests are in the areas of innovation, continuous improvement, quality, and process management.

Fernando Manuel Bigares Charrua-Santos, University of Beira Interior

Fernando Charrua-Santos is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Electromechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Beira Interior - Portugal and researcher at C-MAST - Center for Mechanical and Aerospace Science and Technologies.


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Mendes, D. S. F. T., Navas, H. V. G., & Charrua-Santos, F. M. B. (2022). Proposal for a maintenance management system based on the lean philosophy and industry 4.0. Revista Produção E Desenvolvimento, 8(1), e587.



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