industry 4.0, augmented reality, RFID, additive manufacturing


The evolution of information technology and its introduction into production processes is transforming traditional industry, bringing it to a new level of organizational development. In order to appropriate the benefits of these technologies to strengthen competitiveness in the global market, a paradigm shift in manufacturing is being discussed worldwide. Industry 4.0 or 4th Industrial Revolution are some of the terms used to describe the implementation of "smart" devices that can communicate autonomously along the value chain. In this context, technologies like Cyber-physical systems (CPS) self-organize, monitor processes and create a virtual copy of the real world, Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines, objects and people in real time and Cloud Computing offers solutions in addition to enabling the exchange and management of information, allowing production and business processes to be combined to create value for organizations. The overall objective of the study is to intensify the discussion and provide an overview of the Industry 4.0. As specific objectives, this study intends through a brief review of the literature describing its components, the main challenges and how the combination of advanced technologies and the internet can create new opportunities to meet current requirements.


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