Journal of Refugee Studies: A Bibliometric Study on the Web of Science




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Objectives: This research aims to carry out a bibliometric analysis of the scientific production of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS), through a temporal cut relative to the period from 2007 to 2021 of metadata present in the Web of Science index. Methodology: The collection was exported in BibTeX format to integrate the analysis through analysis in R and R. Studio software, through the Bibliometrix package for quantitative research. Limitation: regarding the temporal retort limited to 2021, issues related to the War in Ukraine did not emerge in the analyses. Results: the study carried out a mapping of the growth of the journal's academic production, identification of the topics addressed, authors, co-citations, in order to contribute to the evaluation of the course of studies involving refugees and possible future paths of investigation. Originality: The debate on refugees and forced displacement is presented as a topic of great relevance for facing the humanitarian crisis that the world is going through and the essentiality of promoting human rights, sociocultural inclusion and integration of these groups, important issues for the development of nations and people.


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Author Biography

Kaline de Oliveira Lyrio, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro

Lawyer with emphasis on Public Law. She has experience in the area of Applied Social Sciences. Extensive experience in Public Administration. Legal Superintendent of the Municipal Secretary of Education of Nova Iguaçu.


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