Luiz Eduardo Santos de Oliveira, Alberto José Álvares


Companies have been undergoing constant organizational changes in order to remain competitive. The manufacturing industry invests heavily in inputs such as information and communication technologies (ICT). Standards such as MTConnect and OPC-UA are creating the path to the development of the new industrial era, this paper presents the architecture of a framework implemented as an Internet-based client-server system for monitoring and teleoperation CNC machine tools, and which features attributes in accordance with "Industry 4.0". The design of the framework was carried out through a methodological approach that involved the use of IDEF0 diagrams and the Axiomatic Design methodology for the refinement of the model. The computational implementation work was based on the integration of servers in the form of services through a web system, the CyberDNC.


industry 4.0; MTConnect; OPC; CNC; teleoperation

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